As of Fall 2018 the DEQ updated the Asbestos Rules for Oregon.  What is the DEQ? The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality regulates the handling, removal and disposal of asbestos-containing material to protect public health and the environment.  The have implemented rules and keep them updated along with implementing new rules such as the new requirements for handling asbestos-containing material. The DEQ mandates homeowners and and construction companies to identify asbestos-containing material and to properly handle, package and dispose of asbestos waste from demolition and renovation projects.  Below are four recent requirements.

#1 Asbestos New Requirement: Residential Renovation Asbestos Survey 

All residential properties and homes build before 2004 are required to have an asbestos survey executed by an accredited inspector prior to demolition or renovation projects.  The only exception to this rule is if the owner-occupants are performing the home renovation project on their own. Note, this exception does not apply for demolition of the home. Although prior rules exempted homeowners from the asbestos survey requirement that applied to commercial projects and residential demolition projects, homeowners and contractors were still mandated to abide by asbestos abatement requirements for licensing, certification, notification, handling, packaging and disposing of asbestos.

But these requirements for an asbestos survey is for the benefit of the homeowner.  It helps determine if the involved in the renovation contain asbestos and reduces the risk that of Asbestos exposure for all involved.  

#2 New Asbestos Requirement: Updated Disposal Requirements for Non-friable Materials

If the asbestos waste is considered to be nonfriable, then it must be packaged the same as friable waste. Nonfriable asbestos materials can can turn into friable if not managed properly, which, increases the risk of asbestos fibers exposure. This approach helps streamline the packaging requirements for all asbestos waste, which also provides a safer work environment for all those involved.

#3 New Asbestos Requirement: Accredited laboratories for asbestos testing

All laboratories that analyze bulk asbestos samples are required to be accreditatied.  The new requirement enables a common level of competency and reliability in analysis. The DEQ maintains a public list of accredited laboratories on its website.

#4 New Asbestos Requirement: Asbestos Survey Reports

When an asbestos survey report is submitted to the DEQ, it must now meet standard requirements. This requirement ensures survey reports include all required information. 

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Asbestos Testing in Central Oregon

Bend Asbestos offers accredited asbestos inspectors for residential and commercial customers throughout Central Oregon including Bend, Redmond, Prineville, Sisters, La Pine and the surrounding area.  We provide asbestos testing,  asbestos surveys and AHERA surveys as a service to keep your family safe.